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AA WorldFlight Reviewing the trends driving Africa’s allure: Leapfrogging through technology Published by Simon Fre

By Simon Freemantle, senior political economist, Standard Bank

A decade ago, amidst profound general optimism around Africa’s ‘rise’, we published a series of reports detailing what we believed to be the five structural drivers behind Africa’s renewed and long-term economic promise. These trends looked at demographic (and income) changes; … read more

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AA Travenews Is Tourism a global new currency?

The Tourism industry is considered the fastest-growing enterprise among other economic sectors in contemporary times. This assertion is validated by the economic flamboyancy, record-high Tourism receipts developed destinations rake in to shore up their respective GDP for global growth.

For instance, the World Travel and Tourism Coun… read more

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AA Travenews Can tech help bolster a struggling travel industry?

Whilst it does appear that many different countries are back on the road to recovery with vaccine efforts being extremely impressive and big changes promising to have an impact in the hospitality sector, it’s safe to say that for the most part the industry will remain on shaky legs for quite some time. But there are those exploring how di… read more

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AA Travenews Global tourism will only recover if countries work together

Dr Rifai was the keynote speaker at this week’s eThekwini Municipality’s Tourism Business Retention and Expansion (BR& E) webinar hosted by Tourism Investment Africa (TIA).

"Countries will have to work together if tourism is to recover – one country cannot ins… read more

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Business Travel 6 Reasons Not to Cut Your Corporate Travel Budget

It’s not a state secret that business travel has taken a significant knock. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the corporate travel world to complete standstill in 2020. Although we are now seeing a slow and gradual return to the skies for business travellers, it is unlikely the demand will ever reach pre-COVID levels again.

Unfortunately, less… read more

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AA Travenews 95% of travellers eager to travel abroad as soon as travel bans are removed

The vaccination is not mandatory travelling, but it should be. Most people are educated enough to make good decisions now. Do you think that should they make vaccination obligatory for travelling?

During the analysis below are some of the key findings of the survey by SchengenVisaInfo:

  • The majority of travellers (95 per cent) wo
read more

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AA Travenews The future of the hotel sector in Africa after Covid-19

How badly has the pandemic affected the wildlife-based tourism sector in Africa?

The pandemic has had a devastating impact. For the over 300 million hectares of protected areas under African government control, of which national parks constitute the largest area, tourism was a major component of the economies these areas relied upon. Evide… read more

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AA Travenews How international travel will get easier in the future

If you love traveling for pleasure, or if regular travel is a part of your career, you’re in for some good news. In the near future, international travel is going to get much, much easier.

Just 100 years ago, international travel was incredibly expensive and difficult, with ocean liners being the only viable method of long-ra… read more

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