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  • Rail

Rail TAZARA Tanzania Railway Corporation

Tanzania Railway Corporation is continuing with compensation in Dodoma for all citizens who have been impacted by the construction project of the modern railway in Morogoro. Covid-19 protocols are in place to mitigate risk to the community.

  • Flights

Kenya Airways Kenya Airways carries cargo “to stay afloat”

Most of the airlines have either ceased operations or just operate a very limited emergency schedule.

But Kenya Airways has traneformed into a cargo airline in order to simply stay alive. The Nairobi-based airline has cancelled all international services and is now making a living by freighting produce and equipment to a number of c… read more

  • Destinations

Rwanda Rwanda reopens cross-province transport

The Rwandan cabinet on Tuesday approved resumption of transport between provinces and motorcycle passenger service, which had been banned previously as COVID-19 preventive measures.

However, cross-province transport to and from districts of Rusizi and Rubavu in western Rwanda and motorcycles carrying passengers in the two border tow… read more

  • Rail

Rail Uganda Railways Uganda rail service effected

Uganda Railroad as announced to halt all pessenger services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All passenger train services were already suspended on March 23rd 2020 until further notice. Freight trains will continue to operate.

  • Rail

Rail TAZARA TAZARA without cross border traffic

From next week, the TAZARA passenger trains will not cross the border between Tanzania and Zambia. Instead, the passenger trains will run within the respective boundaries of Tanzania and Zambia.

  • Flights

Zambia Proflight Also Proflight Zambia halts flights

Proflight Zambia has announced the suspension of all its flights for the next 30 day, exactly from the 01.04.2020 to the 30.04.2020,

However, Proflight has already published a reduced schedule for the period between 1st of May and 30th of June 2020

  • Flights

Zambia Mahogany Mahogany Air suspends all flights

Mahogany Air in Zambia has suspended all domestic and international flights in order to support the fight of CIVID-19. The perioed effected is from 30.03.2020 until 30.04.2020.

  • Miscellaneous

Expo 2020 expected to be postponed until next year

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates are expected to announce the postponement of Dubai Expo 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage global hospitality. The jamboree was expected to begin on October 20th this year, kicking-off six months of celebrations in the emirate.

However, with global tourism in a virtual lockdown, org… read more

  • Rail

Rail Uganda Railways Uganda Rail halted

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, passenger train services in Uganda were suspended on March 23rd 2020 until further notice. However, freight trains will continue to operate.

  • Flights

QATAR Airways QATAR to increase capacity

Almost all carriers have closed operations and parked its airplanes.

With QATAR Airways it is not like this; Qatar has just increased the number of availabe seats and as per, Qatar is the airlines with the highest number of airlines in the skies at the moment. The airlines has announced to re-start the full schedule i… read more

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