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Air Senegal returns to Guinea Bissau, continues network expansion

The 2020 air gap does not undermine Air Senegal's ambitions.

The Senegalese airlines has already rebuilt almost all of its pre-crisis network. Additionally, Air Senegal has announced the resumption of its flights to Guinea Bissau. From May 17, the Senegalese national carrier will offer 4 flights per week(Monday, … read more

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IATA outlines three priorities for Africa

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) outlined three priorities for African governments to ensure that the airline, travel and transport industry survives the Covid-19 crisis and is able to support economic recovery, growth and development throughout the continent.

The three priorities are:

In 2020, a handful of… read more

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IATA outlined three priorities for African governments

In 2020 a handful of African airlines secured US$ 2.04 billion in government aid.  Most of this (US$ 2.02bn) was distributed through direct government loans, equity financing and cash injections. Despite this, 8 airlines in Africa filed for bankruptcy or entered business administration over the past 12 months.

Over US$ 30bn has been… read more

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Morocco suspends air traffic with Cameroon, Argentina and 4 other countries

Not a week goes by without Moroccan airspace shrinking visibly. In its last update of March 17, the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Morocco decided to suspend flights to and from 3 countries in Africa, 2 countries in Europe and 1 country in America.

The ban, in effect for an initial period of 3 weeks, affects Cameroon, Mozambiqueread more

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Camair-Co receives Embraer 135LR

After a difficult year 2020, Camair-Co finally relaunched its domestic flights on October 18. Along with the reconquest of its market shares, the Cameroonian carrier is working on rebuilding its fleet.

The Cameroon Airlines Corporation(Ca… read more

  • Rail

Feasibility study of the Cameroon-Chad Railway Line

The related loan agreement was co-signed on February 20, 2021, in Yaoundé by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Territorial Development, Alamine OUSMANE MEY and the Country Manager of the African Bank of Development (BAD) in Cameroon, Solomane KONE. It was in the presence of the Chadian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Ahmad A… read more

  • Destinations

Cameroon plans to build a modern airport in the seaside town of Kribi

Cameroon's future industrial hub, with the construction of its deep-water port, the city of Kribi has only one almost abandoned aerodrome.

Riding on the future economic potential of the seaside town, the State wants to build a modern airport there. The construction of a modern airport in Kribi is in the pipeline at the Came… read more

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Air Senegal: Benin, Cameroon, Gabon… regular flights starting next month?

Air Senegal should serve Benin, Cameroon and Gabon with regular flights from March 29. According to an article in the Cameroonian newspaper Eco Matin, dated Monday, February 22, the marketing director of the Senegalese public company revealed it over the microphone of a Senegalese radio station.

“Regarding the opening… read more

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