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Namibia Tourism Board Namibia Tourism Board excited about travellers’ growing interest in destination

More travellers are expressing interest in visiting and exploring Namibia as a tourist destination. This was made clear at the country’s exhibition pavilion at this year’s Africa’s Travel Indaba in Durban, which attracted a lot of visitors and enquiries about the destination. In an interview with VoyagesAfriq, the Head of Marketin… read more

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Ghana COVID-19 Pandemic - Ghana Lifts Restrictions At Ports of Entry

With immediate effect, the government has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions at the country's ports of entry.

As such, pre-departure testing for COVID-19 and all other tests at Ghana's entry points are no longer a requirement, so, has the health declaration form for international travellers been suspended.

These were contained in a sta… read more

  • Miscellaneous

Ghana Tour Operators UnionTour Operators Union Of Ghana TOUGHA TOUGHA wraps up successful participation in Indaba 2023

The Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) were once again in Durban to participate in this year’s Africa’s Travel Indaba. Over 70 of the Union’s members took part in various activities and events of the three-day tourism expo.

From the pre-Indaba BONDay event to the opening plenary session, B2B, speed marketing and… read more

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Ghana Tourism Authority 'Experience Ghana, Share Ghana' Regional Tours begin

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has begun its regional tourist visits as part of efforts to promote the 'Experience Ghana, Share Ghana' Campaign and encourage domestic tourism.

The team has over the last two weeks visited Aburi Gardens, Bunso Eco Park, and Akwamu Fie … read more

  • Travel-tech

Tech Nigeria: An African alternative to ChatGPT takes Telegram by storm

Kainene vos Savant was Justin Irabor’s personal study partner. Named after one of America’s cleverest people, Kainene is off-the-charts clever. But she is no regular study partner. She’s a super-intelligent chatbot. And she’s taking the Nigerian internet by storm.

After enrolling as a distance learning student at the International Uni… read more

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Nigeria Nanta Tour operators and agents from Nigeria and Ghana team up

For the very first time, travel agents and tour operators from Nigeria and Ghana will gather for an industry conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) is organizing the conference in collaboration with the Tour Operators' Union of Ghana (TOUGHA).

The conference aims to brin… read more

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