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Gambia Tourism Board Gambia looks to Africans to revive Its stricken Tourism Industry

In an effort to revitalise Gambia's flagging tourism sector, which has been decimated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the West African country is looking closer to home, and even at its own, to bolster the once-vibrant industry.

Beaches normally teeming with British and Dutch sunseekers are nearly empty, hawkers of fresh juice and sou… read more

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Mali Carriers in Mali given 72 hours to use or lose landing slots

Authorities in Mali have given airlines operating in the country just 72 hours to decide if they want to keep their slots. The demand comes following the increase in political tensions in West Africa over the last week.

Regional concerns

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) last week had hit Mali with economi… read more

  • Conservation & Wildlife

Gambia Nyambai Forest Park can generate hundreds of jobs for Gambians

In quest to return Nyambai Forest Park back to its glorious days to continue provide for the needs of the community and its surroundings, activists and environmentalists among others have proffered that desecrations of the forest park should stop.

Nyambai Forest located in Brikama, West Coast Region is one of the government reserved… read more

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Mali Mali travellers stranded as West African sanctions bite

A bus station in Mali’s capital stands unusually quiet, with foreign passengers left in limbo after West African countries closed their borders with the military-ruled nation.  Africa Tours Trans is one of the main bus firms in the impoverished Sahel state, offering connections to its regional cities as well as to neighbouring countries.… read more

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Rwanda Rwanda ranks 6th in visa openness in Africa

Rwanda progressed the most, after Tanzania, in regional countries that opened to visitors from other African countries as well as African Union initiatives in the last five years. This is according to authors of the latest Africa Visa Openness report 2021.

Rwanda scored 6th in this year's rankings and top performers despite t… read more

  • Cruise

Cruise Hurtigruten Hurtigurten releases more West African itineraries for 2023/24

Hurtigruten Expeditions has added more West African expedition cruises for the 2023/24 season spanning Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. The cruises aboard Spitsbergen based out of Dakar, Senegal, are the most extensive in Hurtigurten’s history and make it the only cruise line with such a broad range of West Africa… read more

  • Miscellaneous

AA Travenews Will France derail West Africa’s common currency?

An unprecedented Africa-France summit took place at the beginning of October in Montpellier, France.

For the first time since these summits began in 1973, no African heads of state were invited. Instead, French President  Emmanuel Macron  held discussions with students, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes.

The purpose of t… read more

  • Accomodation

Nigeria Akwaaba 17th Akwaaba to honour Top 100 Hotels in Nigeria

The Top 100 Hotels in Nigeria by room numbers will be profiled and honoured at the 17th Akwaaba African Travel Market. Hospitality and tour operations were the biggest victims of the Covid19 pandemic lockdowns across the world. This was more so in Nigeria as the economy took a hit and went into the 2nd depression in 6 years.

read more

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Spain Binter Binter Canarias returns to Marrakech, intensifies Dakar

With currently three destinations on the African continent, Binter intends to strengthen its connectivity to Morocco and Senegal.

From 5 December, Binter will reopen its route between the Canary Islands and Marrakech in Morocco after several months of suspension due to the health crisis. In a press release pu… read more

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Gambia 1st Tourist Flight Arrives With 136 Passengers

Following a two year tourism suspension globally as a result of Covid-19, tourism in The Gambia has now started as the country receives its first tourist flight for the 2021-2022 winter season on Friday - the Gambia Experience - being the first flight from the UK onboard 136 passengers.

The aircraft upon arrival was received by offi… read more

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