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  • Cruise

AA Travenews Cape Town cruises for 2022/23 season

While 2021/22 was a disappointment for the South African cruise sector thanks to the Omicron variant, 2022/23 is looking to be much better, with 48 roundtrip itineraries scheduled.

The emergence of the Omicron variant in late 2021 forced many cruise lines to cancel their planned homeporting seasons in Cape Town, and when MSC Cruises pushed… read more

  • Flights

Senegal Transair Transair extends its West African network and inaugurates Central Africa

The leader in domestic transport in Senegal, Transair is entering a new phase in its international deployment with the opening of three new routes, including Libreville and Brazzaville.

Transair's international network will double from one to more than two as of July 2, 2022. On this date, the Senegalese private carrie… read more

  • Destinations

AA Travenews Goge Africa and Walk For Love Africa launch 'Destination West Africa' project

West African countries have several tourist destinations, which are not sufficiently promoted. Goge Africa television, which specialises in promoting African tourist destinations and culture, and its partner "Walk For Love Africa" have identified these shortcomings and want to remedy them.

To promote tourism, culture and economic activi… read more

  • Cruise

Cruise Royal Caribbean Royal Caribbean Cruise recruits over 500 Gambians

Royal Caribbean Cruise Company Ltd. on Sunday May 8 commenced recruitment of about six hundred (600) Gambian youth for various ship hotel professions.

The Royal Caribbean wants professionals on ship hotels including restaurant workers, cooks, launders, security personnel, healthcare officers, bar workers, and photographers among oth… read more

  • Miscellaneous

AA Travenews Africa turns to e-visas to prop up tourism, attract skilled workers

Close to half of all countries in Africa have activated online processing of visas, with some countries opening access to more than 180 nationalities to lure more tourists from within and outside Africa. South Africa, the latest to offer digital travel documents, is also keen on attracting skilled migrants after tightening its immigration rules.… read more

  • Flights

UK Sentra Airways UK start-up Sentra Airways makes Accra its first African destination

Sentra Airways has signed a contract with Air Lease Corporation for the lease of an Airbus A330-200. This commercial transaction is part of the future launch of the young British airline's activities.

"From winter 2022 (December), fly direct from Manchester in the UK to Accra in Ghana. That's the gist of the message, which stems … read more

  • Miscellaneous

Ghana Tourism is business! What Ghana needs to understand to build a robust industry

Tourism is a serious business! I should expect that anyone within the value chain would know that by now.
Tourism goes beyond just entertainment and events; of course, the two are a necessary component of tourism. And even with that, it’s the income these events or entertainment generates that makes them relevant to tourism.

Unfortunat… read more

  • Flights

Liberia Air France departure is a policy position

Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue discloses here that Air France's discontinuation of flight to Liberia is entirely a policy position by the Government of France, which is principally in consonance with its geopolitical determination and disposition in the wake of ailing diplomatic ties with Mali.

Minister Wlue clarifies the imminen… read more

  • Miscellaneous

Nigeria Air Peace Air Peace to visit Emir of Kano to address misunderstanding of missed flight

The Managing Director, Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema has described the Emir of Kano as a peace loving monarch and a father to all.Onyema in an interview with journalists in Lagos said, the misunderstanding regarding the delay and missed flights by the Emir and his entourage was unfortunate.

He disclosed that, he would be visiti… read more

  • Destinations

Gambia Tourism Board Janjanbureh Kankurang Festival Promotes Gambian Heritage, Boosting Tourism

Bringing people together and preserving a unique heritage inspired local youth leader Omar Jammeh and other young people from Janjanbureh in The Gambia to revive the Kankurang Festival five years ago.

The Kankurang masquerade is a Mandinka tradition and an integral part of the rite of passage of young boys. The Kankurang is a prote… read more

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