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Portugal TAP Only 2% of TAP’s long haul flights don’t use an Airbus Neo

TAP Air Portugal’s long-haul network spans 26 routes from Lisbon and Porto in January, and virtually every flight is now by an Airbus neo. However, TAP has one active passenger A330-200, and JFK will welcome it – although it has also substituted the A330neo to Luanda.

This month TAP Air Portugal serves some 23 destinations ov… read more

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Gabon Afrijet Afrijet launches Libreville - Paris codeshare service with La Compagnie

Afrijet is now positioned as one of the most efficient companies in Central Africa. By joining forces with La Compagnie, the Gabonese carrier intends to democratise business flights to Europe.

The private company Afrijet is going international. From 16 December, the Gabonese carrier will inaugurate a new rotation between Librevil… read more

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Gabon Afrijet Gabonese airline Afrijet continues to evolve its fleet towards the ATR 72-600

Afrijet will eventually operate fleet of four ATR 72-600 aircraft for its regular service CEMAC region airline intends to grow network and increase frequency

ATR finalises the sale of three ATR 72-600 aircraft to Central African airline Afrijet who will use the aircraft to replace part of its ATR 72-500 fleet. From the second… read more

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Turkey Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines sets course for Angola

In the next few years, Turkey and Angola want to see their bilateral trade reach an annual volume of 500 million dollars, compared to the current 176 million. Both countries see their national airlines as effective levers for achieving this goal.

From 27 October, Turkish Airlines will open a direct route between Istanbul in Turke… read more

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Gabon Afrijet Afrijet adds Malabo to its Central African network

Afrijet resumed its regional flights last February. Since then, the Gabonese carrier has been working to densify its offer in Central Africa, its favourite market where it is now one of the most dynamic operators.

Afrijet continues to expand its network. The private Gabonese company has announced the opening of a ne… read more

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Gabon Gabon: New tax and price increase for air tickets from 27 July

The Covid-19 crisis has led to the introduction of new taxes and the increase of existing ones in some countries, such as Gabon. According to AFRAA, there are no less than 200 airport taxes and aeronautical charges in Africa. Their proliferation adds a further burden to an operating environment already suffocated by harmful protectionism.… read more

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Gabon In Gabon, the construction of the new international airport in Libreville is taking shape

Providing Libreville with a second international airport is the commitment made by Gabonese President Ali Bongo in Dakar, Senegal, during the inauguration of the Blaise Diagne International Airport on 7 December 2017.

The project, entrusted to the Singaporeans, has just taken a new step following the technical consultations initiated with ASECNA.

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Senegal Air Senegal Air Senegal to fly to Freetown (Sierra Leone) from next August

Far from having given up its ambitions at the heart of the pandemic, Air Senegal is working assiduously to rebuild and densify its pre-crisis network. Better still, the Senegalese flag is conquering new markets.

Air Senegal is extending its network. The national airline of Senegal has announced the opening of a new … read more

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