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27 million USD for the development of the Mopti Int'l Airport bypass

Mopti Ambodédjo International Airport is one of the main airports in Mali. Located in Sévaré near Mopti, it serves the region of the same name. Aware of its vital role in opening up the center of the country, the government is working to keep it accessible.

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Jambojet returns to the regional by opening Goma in DRC today

Prior to the health crisis, Jambojet had started building its regional network by opening services to Entebbe (February 2018), Mogadishu (November 2018) and Kigali (November 2019). The low-cost subsidiary of Kenya Airways also offered flights to Bujumbura on behalf of its parent company. All these routes were suspended last year du… read more

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Air Senegal will fly to the New York and Baltimore/Washington areas

Air Senegal will begin U.S. service on Sept. 2. The carrier will fly twice weekly between Dakar and Baltimore, with a stop at New York JFK.

The state-owned airline launched operations in 2018 and has replaced the defunct Senegal Airlines.

Air Senegal will service New York and Baltimore with an Airbus A330-900neo configu… read more

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Air France to land in Gambia as of November

Air France is continuing to adapt its network and strengthen its "leisure" destinations. For the 2021 winter season, the carrier will open almost ten new routes, including two in Africa.

From 1 November, Air France will offer a seasonal route to Gambia. The route will be operated during the winter season until March 2022, followi… read more

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Sky Mali inaugurates its first international route with a Bamako-Kayes-Dakar

Sky Mali started commercial operations on 29 September 2020. The private company, 100% owned by Emirati private individuals through Al Sayegh Group (ASG), aims to build a strong sub-regional network.

Until August, the carrier plans to gradually expand its network to Abidjan, Cotonou, Brazzaville and Pointe Noire.  Oth… read more

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Overland Airways condemns false misleading Media Reports

Overland Airways, one of Nigeria’s leading airlines, has condemned the false and misleading use of the photograph of the airline’s aircraft in a poorly crafted report by a Nigerian newspaper, which has also been re-posted severally online.

Overland Airways stated in a release: “Our attention has been drawn to a malicious use of Over… read more

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Cybercrime is an existential threat to West Africa’s economic growth

While organisations across West Africa work to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, the global cybercrime industry is going into overdrive.

An increasingly sophisticated cybercrime industry is launching a range of attacks aimed at organisations and critical infrastructure. Such attacks are growing in volume and sophistication,… read more

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Malindi hoteliers offer special rates to attract customers

Hoteliers in Malindi are offering special rates as part of their strategies to attract more tourists.  The rates apply to tourists who would wish to participate in monthly cleanup campaigns aimed at keeping the town clean and green.

A major cleanup event is planned for October this year.

Speaking in Malindi, Kenya Hotel K… read more

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