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  • Accomodation

African Hotel Group Cresta Hotels launch a new property in Cape Town

Cresta Hotels Group Executive, Chipo Mandela said Cresta Grande was formally opened on Thursday April 15, aimed at leisure and business travellers in the four-star market.

The hotel is a 19-storey building in the Cape Town CBD, originally built as an office block in the late 1970s and situated on an historic street that was o… read more

  • Flights

RTG Optimistic of Tourism Recovery

Hospitality group, Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) is upbeat of positive performance going forward offsetting the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic in FY2020.

The growth will be underpinned by an anticipated recovery of the travel and tourism sector across the globe, as countries implement vaccinations as part of efforts to limi… read more

  • Destinations

Vaccine Boost for Kariba Tourism

PEOPLE in the tourism sector in Kariba have begun receiving their Covid-19 jabs as the town prepares for the recovery of its mainstay industry.

At least 500 people from the tourism industry in Kariba have registered to be inoculated with plans to reach out to those in safari areas, camps and lodges outside the town.

About 127 people … read more

  • Flights

First Lady boosts Community Tourism

THE traditional meal cook-out competition being spearheaded by First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and her Angel of Hope Foundation bodes well for the growth of community-based tourism and fostering unity in Zimbabwe, an expert in tourism and hospitality has said. Speaking during the competition at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic here y… read more

  • Flights

IATA outlines three priorities for Africa

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) outlined three priorities for African governments to ensure that the airline, travel and transport industry survives the Covid-19 crisis and is able to support economic recovery, growth and development throughout the continent.

The three priorities are:

In 2020, a handful of… read more

  • Miscellaneous

IATA outlined three priorities for African governments

In 2020 a handful of African airlines secured US$ 2.04 billion in government aid.  Most of this (US$ 2.02bn) was distributed through direct government loans, equity financing and cash injections. Despite this, 8 airlines in Africa filed for bankruptcy or entered business administration over the past 12 months.

Over US$ 30bn has been… read more

  • Flights

Airlink makes Kasane its 3rd destination in Botswana

Airlink, the largest airline in southern Africa, currently serves the Botswana cities of Gaborone and Maun. In the process of rebuilding its network, the airline has opted to intensify its offer in its most promising markets.

From April 2, Airlink will open a route from Johannesburg to Kasane. The private South A… read more

  • Flights

BA operated by Comair returns to Harare, Zimbabwe

British Airways, operated by Comair has resumed flights into Zimbabwe, touching down in Harare on Sunday afternoon, March 28.

The airline, which suspended regional flights last year, will initially fly into Harare from Johannesburg daily at 11h30, with a return flight at 13h45. After May 12 the times change … read more

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