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Kenya Airways Kenya Airways plans to return to Somalia after a 4-year absence

Since 2022, Kenya and Somalia have been working to normalise their diplomatic relations. In August this year, the two neighbouring countries in the Horn of Africa signed a bilateral air transport agreement, thereby reinforcing the links between the two countries.

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Uganda Uganda Airlines We’re coming into Nigeria to make a difference – Uganda Airlines COO

Mr. Adedayo Olawuyi, Chief Commercial Officer (COO), Uganda Airlines, in this interview with OLUSEGUN KOIKI, spoke about the airline’s plans to commence direct flight service into Nigeria from its base in Entebbe, Uganda, the Nigerian markets, future of Uganda Airlines and the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) led by the African… read more

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Somalia Mogadishu is working on a plan to revive Somali Airlines

With a semblance of peace, Somalia has been working for a few years to revive its civil aviation. Strategically located in the Horn of Africa, at the crossroads of several air routes, the country wants to revive its emblematic air carrier, which disappeared almost 30 years ago.

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Somalia Kenya agrees to reopen Somalia border after a 12-year Closure

Kenya and Somalia officials have endorsed the phased reopening of three border posts between the two countries over a 90-day period.

The border points in located in Garissa, Mandera and Lamu counties were closed under former President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration in 2011 as a result of increased attacks by the Somal… read more

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Somalia Somalia to print its National Currency for the first timesSince 1991

Somalia has prioritized the reestablishment of the nation’s currency, which will enable it to take full control of monetary policy, according to the governor of the country’s central bank.

Somalia has not printed new banknotes since descending into civil war after the government collapsed in 1991. Most of the bills that were … read more

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ITB Berlin ITB Berlin: African Destinations make a massive return this March

One of the globe’s leading tourism market place, Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB Berlin) will be making a return to live (person-to-person) event since 2019 when it last held the event in the marquee Messe Berlin Arena.

Scheduled to take place from March 7-9, 2023 in Messe Berlin in the Charlottenburg province, this year’s event has Ge… read more

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Iata Official IATA signs cooperation agreement with Somali government

Somalia is at the crossroads of some of the busiest air routes linking the Horn of Africa with the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, and Western Europe with the Indian subcontinent and the Indian Ocean islands. Because of this key regional position, the East African country is keen to upgrade to the highest industry standards in order to reap the maximum benefits.

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