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AA WorldFlight Why has South Africa had so many short-lived airlines?

Over the last three decades, there has been an abundance of South African airlines that have ceased operations. Some veterans have become a thing of the past, while many newcomers have also stopped flying in such a short period of aviation history.

A major shift

In the early 1990s, South Africa’s government went through a nota… read more

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Business Travel Survey shows business travellers will take to the skies in 2022

In a recent travel trend survey conducted by FCM during the month of October 2021, 175 respondents from 26 countries, including South Africa, provided answers to burning issues such as the impact of vaccines on travel, how to tackle safety, what we can expect from travel costs, and many more. The vast majority (63%) of respondents indicated that… read more

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AA Travenews Omicron wave may cut future severity of Coronavirus, study shows

A strong wave of coronavirus infections driven by the omicron variant could hasten the end of pandemic disruptions as it appears to cause less severe illness and provides protection against the delta variant, South Africa-based researchers said.

A laboratory study that used samples from 23 people infected with the omicron variant in… read more

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South-Africa Western Cape on 27% recovery in International trips for December 2021

The Western Cape Government is concerned with the decline in international passenger numbers recorded at Cape Town International Airport since December 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

While domestic tourism increased notably between 2020 and 2021, providing a very welcomed relief for the tourism and hospitality sector in t… read more

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AA WorldFlight Airline Tie-Up for Kenya and South Africa - possible rewards and risks

Africa has 357 airlines, the top 10 of which carried more than 60% of traffic. This reflects the fact that many airlines on the continent are very small: some have as few as two aircraft. Between them the airlines carried 95 million passengers in 2019, according to Routes, an online source of information on route announcements.

read more

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UK British Airways British Airways resumes Airbus A380 flights to Johannesburg

British flag carrier British Airways has resumed flights to Johannesburg with the Airbus A380. The airline resumed long-haul flights with its largest aircraft just over a month ago. While the Omicron variant had looked set to derail the airline’s plan to send the giant of the skies to South Africa’s largest city, all eventually wen… read more

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UAE Emirates Emirates is unlikely to fly out of South Africa before February

Emirates won’t be flying out of South Africa until at least 1 February, according to a recent notice sent to travel trade partners.

South Africans looking to fly with Emirates will have to wait a while longer, after the Dubai-based airline extended its suspension of flights out of Johannesburg on Sunday. This is the fourth extension… read more

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