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  • Destinations

AA Travenews Most beautiful and interesting African destinations for your wanderlust

Africa is still today one of those regions most people know little about. However, this continent is much more than just a massive shape somewhere in the south: it’s a continent with more than 50 different countries in it, over 1 billion inhabitants and an incredible diversity in people, culture, language, climate and scenery. From desert… read more

  • Flights

Kenya Airways Kenya Airways scales up customer experience through NDC

Kenya’s national carrier, Kenya Airways (KQ), has announced the launch of a New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) system as part of its indirect sales platform to enhance the airline’s offering to travel agencies and travelers to empower them to sell and access more content and ancillaries like extra baggage and preferred seats.

Suppo… read more

  • Miscellaneous

Unwto Jeddah call to action: UNWTO sets path towards new tourism governance

Public and private leaders have been called on to unite behind the Jeddah Call to Action, a commitment to align with UNWTO’s approach to rethink tourism governance at every level to keep adapting to the challenges faced by tourism as a global driver for recovery.

On the back of the 116th session of its Executive Council, held in Jeddah, Ki… read more

  • Flights

Senegal Transair Transair extends its West African network and inaugurates Central Africa

The leader in domestic transport in Senegal, Transair is entering a new phase in its international deployment with the opening of three new routes, including Libreville and Brazzaville.

Transair's international network will double from one to more than two as of July 2, 2022. On this date, the Senegalese private carrie… read more

  • Conservation & Wildlife

Kenya Huawei, Tourism Ministry and Safaricom Partner to Drive Wildlife Conservation

Huawei Technologies, working in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Safaricom and the China Media Group (CMG), brought the Amboseli National Park to the homes of Kenyans using a solar powered network platform as part of national efforts to boost wildlife conservation.

As the country marks the global Environment Day, the firm delivere… read more

  • Miscellaneous

2019-SpotlightWorkshops-BannerLogo-White Karibu Killifair opens in Arusha, Tanzania

At least four hundred exhibitors and visitors from different countries across the world have gathered at the Karibu Killifair in Arusha, Tanzania from June 3-5, 2022.

The International tourism & industry fair is promoting and presents companies based in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa, and Central Africa by providi… read more

  • Accomodation

AA Travenews Africa hotel development: It’s Egypt, Morocco, Accor & Marriott

Just four words are needed to sum up the main findings of this year’s African hotel chain development pipeline survey conducted by W Hospitality Group, in association with the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF); those words are Egypt, Morocco, Accor and Marriott.

This year’s annual survey, which is widely acknowledged as the… read more

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