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  • Miscellaneous

Fitur 23 African countries attended FITUR 2023

A total of twenty-three (23) countries from Africa participated in this year’s FITUR in Madrid, Spain.

Participation from these countries will include state tourism ministries, boards, private sector businesses, organisations and individual travel and tourism stakeholders.

Fitur is a global benchmark event in the tourism sect… read more

  • Rail

Zambia Zambia courts investors for Greenfield Rail Projects

Zambia is searching for investors to help fund a series of planned greenfield rail projects to boost connections to existing lines in Southern Africa.

Speaking at the 2022 Southern African Railways Association (SARA) conference in Johannesburg, Zambian transport and logistics minister Frank Tayali said the government was working on a compr… read more

  • Flights

DRC CAA DRC: Carlyle Aviation Partners delivers third A320 to flyCAA

flyCAA is well aware of the potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a vast country of 2.345 million km² still poorly served by road. To meet the growing demand of this market of nearly 90 million inhabitants, the private Congolese carrier is pursuing its plan to expand its fleet.

  • Rail

Rail Namibia TransNamib TransNamib To Upgrade Rail, Locomotives

TransNamib of Namibia has embarked on the rehabilitation and maintenance of the railway line as part of plans to improve the company’s ability to operate and move freight safely.

Abigail Raubenheimer, Corporate Communications Manager at TransNamib says the Namibian government as the owner of the railway infrastructure has rea… read more

  • Flights

SouthAfrica SAA South African Airways adds capacity and new destinations

South African Airways (SAA) is adding three Airbus A320s to its fleet. That will enable the airline to resume service to several African destinations before restarting an intercontinental route in the first quarter of 2023.

South African Airways currently operates 7 Airbus aircraft, consisting of 2x A320s, 3x A319s, 1x A330-3… read more

  • Flights

SouthAfrica SAA South African Airways announces the addition of four regional destinations

South African Airways (SAA) has confirmed that the International Air Services Council (IASC) has ratified the airline’s retention of all its historical route traffic rights, following SAA’s voluntary relinquishing of the number of frequencies on the destinations it is not currently servicing. In accordance with legisl… read more

  • Opinion

AA Travenews Sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economies in 2022

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Niger, Rwanda and South Sudan, along with the island nations of Seychelles and Mauritius, are set to be sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economies this year, with each expected to record GDP growth of 6% or higher, according to the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) projections.

Looking ahe… read more

  • Rail

Rail TAZARA TAZARA traffic volumes surge on back of open access

The arrival of open access freight operations on the state-owned TAZARA Railway will not only boost traffic on the railway but also generate funds for much-needed maintenance, say private operators.

Trains have recently started running the full length of the 1,860km line following the reopening of the Chambeshi River bridge i… read more

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