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AA Travenews East Africa GDP Set For Full Recovery In Two Years

The bloc's growth is likely to reach an average of 4,1 percent this year, up from 0,4 percent posted last year, according to the African Development Bank's (AfDB) latest economic outlook report for the region

The East African economic growth is projected to recover this year despite COVID-19 setback thanks to sustained public spendi… read more

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UN United Nations Flag Africa’s tourism has potential to create an additional $50 billion to GDP: UN

The United Nations Economic Commission says Africa’s tourism has the potential to create an additional $50 billion more in gross domestic product (GDP).

Head of the Commission, Vera Songwe says 10% of exports are already in tourism industries and it is a statistic that can easily be doubled.

However, she warned that restrictio… read more

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Hotels Radisson Hotel Radisson Hotel Group announces a record year in Africa

Radisson Hotel Group announce a hotel expansion record in Africa with 13 signings to date, translating to a new hotel signed every 20 days. The Group’s expansion drive, adding 2,500 rooms to its African portfolio, includes the announcement of nine hotels in Morocco, the Group’s debut in Djibouti and the introduction of the Radisson… read more

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Hotels Fairmont Fairmont Djibouti

Accor (group., a world-leading augmented hospitality group with over 400 hotels across India, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, is adding a new flagship property to its portfolio in Africa with Fairmont Djibouti. Set to open in 2024, the hotel will feature 155 rooms and 10 serviced apartments, with five food and bev… read more

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Turkey Turkish Airlines Inside Turkish Airlines’ incredible Africa growth

Turkish Airlines serves 44 passenger destinations across Africa from Istanbul this year, down from 52 in 2019 for an obvious reason. Cairo is the leading route, and Egypt is the top country. One-stops and narrowbodies are utterly vital to the airline’s African effort. We check it out.

Big growth to Africa

Africa … read more

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Ethiopian The impressive rise of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has been the fastest-growing airline in Africa over the past decade or so. It has succeeded where many other airlines have struggled, largely due to a strong plan set out in 2010. In December 2020, it won the best African airline award in the Decade of Airline Excellence Awards. How has it risen to this level?

Ethiopian … read more

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Hotels Radisson Hotel Djibouti: Why Radisson is opening a hotel in this tiny African country

In June 2021, the Radisson Hotel Group announced it will enter Djibouti with the development of a 144-room hotel in Djibouti City, scheduled to open in 2024.

The economy of this tiny country, with a population of about 1.1 million, is heavily reliant on port logistics and related services. Djibouti’s strength lies in its strategic l… read more

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