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Cruise NCL NCL passengers left in Africa highlight value of cruise line excursions

A group of eight cruise passengers were stranded in the African island nation of Sao Tome and Príncipe after their independant shore excursion arrived late at the port. The group of US and Australian passengers, which includes a pregnant woman and a paraplegic guest, booked a private shore excursion in Sao Tome when the ship docked on Mar… read more

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Angola Angola to pay special attention to Tourism sector

The Tourism minister, Márcio de Jesus Lopes Daniel, on Wednesday in Luanda informed that a diagnosis will be made on the sector, aimed at improving the knowledge about the constraints that prevent the maximisation of tourism in the country.

The newly appointed minister - who was speaking at the portfolios exchange ceremony, i… read more

  • Cruise

Cruises Oceania Cruises Oceania offers pre-cruise hotel stays on South African

Oceania Cruises is offering guests a complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay on a range of sailings throughout late 2024 and 2025.

The offer gives guests the option of arriving a day before their cruise embarks to explore departure ports such as Cape Town, as well as others in Brazil, the Canary Islands, Japan, Singapore, … read more

  • Miscellaneous

Angola Head of State introduces Ministers of Culture and Tourism

Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, inducted today, in Luanda, the new ministers of Tourism, Márcio de Jesus Lopes Daniel, and Culture, Filipe Silvino de Pina Zau.

The secretaries of State for Tourism, Hélder Jonas Leonardo Marcelino, and for Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus, also took office.

In his inauguration sp… read more

  • Rail

Namibia Namport Advocates For Rail Connection To Botswana-Zambia

The absence of rail connections to Botswana or Zambia presents a significant obstacle to the competitiveness of Namibian ports. The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) asserts that by establishing rail connectivity, Namibian ports can fortify their competitive stance in Southern Africa and enhance the efficiency of the overal… read more

  • Flights

Angola TAAG TAAG Angola Airlines increases frequencies to 4 African countries

TAAG Angola Airlines is expanding its range of services. From 11 December 2023, the Angolan national carrier will be adding more frequencies to Namibia (Windhoek), the Republic of Congo (Pointe-Noire), São Tomé (São Tomé) and Mozambique (Maputo) from Luanda, Angola.

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Angola Angola invests in the improvement of the Tourism business

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Filipe Zau, on Monday in Luanda defended the creation of bridges of dialogue to explore and promote the potential of domestic and international tourism.

According to the minister, who was speaking at the opening of the Bitur Angola Forum, the country has vast opportunities, with considerable natu… read more

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Rwanda Three things to know about Rwanda's visa-free policy

Rwanda has slowly reformed its visa system to be more open to visitors and businesspeople, aiming to promote international relations, cooperation, and economic growth, particularly through tourism, according to government officials. The latest changes, which include visa waivers for citizens of more than 100 countries over a specif… read more

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