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IATA outlines three priorities for Africa

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) outlined three priorities for African governments to ensure that the airline, travel and transport industry survives the Covid-19 crisis and is able to support economic recovery, growth and development throughout the continent.

The three priorities are:

In 2020, a handful of… read more

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IATA outlined three priorities for African governments

In 2020 a handful of African airlines secured US$ 2.04 billion in government aid.  Most of this (US$ 2.02bn) was distributed through direct government loans, equity financing and cash injections. Despite this, 8 airlines in Africa filed for bankruptcy or entered business administration over the past 12 months.

Over US$ 30bn has been… read more

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Air Tanzania makes Guangzhou its 2nd destination outside Africa

Air Tanzania will open a direct route between Dar-Es-Salaam and Guangzhou on March 20. The Tanzanian national company announced it on social media this Friday, March 5.

It provides for 1 weekly flight(every Saturday) between the Tanzanian capital and the Chinese city. This will be carried out in a Boeing 787-8 Dr… read more

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South Sudan announces new time zone

The Republic of South Sudan through its Labor Ministry January 28 announced a major development that will see  the nation adopt a different time zone.

"The National Ministry of Labor hereby informs all the Civil Service Institutions, Commissions, Diplomatic Missions, UN agencies, International and National Non-Governmental Orga… read more

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UAE added to UK's travel ban list

Travel between the UAE and UK has been banned by the British government. All non-British travellers from the UAE will be barred from entering the UK from 1pm on Friday, the government announced.

Travellers with British or Irish passports, or residence rights, will be allowed to return, but arrivals after 4am on Friday must isolate at home … read more

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Technology unlocking trade value in East Africa

Is it too soon to be optimistic about an economic revival in East Africa following the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the global economy?

The latest data – and the region’s continued focus on transforming its key industries, sectors, and infrastructure through technology – is giving me hope that the economic outlook is brightening.

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Will Burundi's Tourism turn the Ttde?

Burundi, which describes itself as "The Heart of Africa", is generally bypassed by travellers to the region, with its more famous neighbours -- Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda -- taking the lion's share of East Africa's tourism pie.

Bedevilled by unending political and civil unrest since the country gained independence fro… read more

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