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UN United Nations Flag Latest UN Report highlights Tourism’s key role in Global Economic Recovery

The important role that tourism will play in the recovery of national economies and global trade has been highlighted in the 2022 edition of the World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) report by the United Nations. Drawing on data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), WESP underlines the sector’s importance for the world economy and… read more

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AA Travenews How the pandemic can shake up African airlines for the better

As wind blows out a candle but fans a fire, this can be an opportunity.

Working together and freeing up the air travel industry to reach its potential should be likened to the proverbial rising tide that lifts all boats. Some airlines may initially experience a drop in market share, but the great benefits to the industry will ensure growth… read more

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AA Travenews Four travel trends in 2022

While much has changed in the last year, many things are still the same heading into 2022, including travel regulations, shutdowns, and unexpected closures due to COVID-19. Thankfully, an increasing number of people have started their travel habits again. Many airlines, hotels, and tourism services have seen steady increases in their revenue num… read more

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Kenya Airways Kenya won’t nationalize its airline after all

After a multi-year saga that has swung back and forth, it appears that Kenya Airways won’t be the subject of a nationalization process after all. The news comes after the country’s government dropped the plans in favor of other ways of protecting what it has already loaned to the national airline. As such, Kenya Airways will remain onlread more

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AA Travenews Will travel bounce back in 2022?

As the world began to open its doors in early 2021, after months of lockdown measures, it was clear that the way people shopped, worked and connected with each other had changed.

Some of them were temporary, but others seem more permanent. As we’re set to face more restrictive measures in 2022, one industry is wondering what the future hol… read more

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Nigeria Hadi Sirika - No to Nigeria Air

Mr Hadi Sirika's plans to start up a national airline from scratch is just sheer folly. Maybe he is oblivious of the fact that American Airline is a consolidation of so many private airlines and its private anyway. He also fails to understand that British Airways is a merger of Caledonia and other airlines. So what does he really want? National … read more

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AA WorldFlight Is a pan African Airline network on the way forwards?

After a challenging 18 months post the Covid pandemic, it looks like the African aviation industry may be looking at spreading its wings again and is set to revive itself and remerge stronger through mutual cooperation.

Taking a leaf out of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and SAATM or the Single African Air T… read more

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Unwto Opinion: Tourism investment challenges and realities during COVID-19

It’s not news to anyone, that prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism was one of the most prominent economic sectors worldwide. And figures such as a 4% of growth, 1.5 million visitors per year, $1.3 trillion dollars because of tourism investments, or the fact that one out of 10 jobs globally were related to the tourism s… read more

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AA WorldFlight How Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the travel and tourism industry globally

In the last few years, the tourism industry has managed to stay afloat for a long time, now that many people are willing to spend on air travel. This has made it one of the biggest industries across the globe that contributes to economic growth. In other words, the sector experienced a staggering 59% growth in the last 10 years as per the number… read more

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