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Hotels Hilton Amadeus partners with Hilton on new API to enable faster and more advanced connectivity

As demand for travel continues to grow, hoteliers want to ensure they reach high volumes of customers through their Global Distribution System (GDS) connection. The ability to distribute inventory and rates through various channels, including the GDS, is critical in today’s operating environment. It assures hotels that their inventory and rates … read more

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AA Travenews How technology is transforming the future of revenue management for hotels

If you ask any hotelier these days, “What is your focus now that demand for travel is returning?”, invariably, their answer will allude to improving pricing strategy and sales and enhancing revenue management capabilities.


Because the hospitality industry grapples with extremely high customer acquisition costs - … read more

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Business Travel Business Travel’s Rebound Is Being Hit by a Slowing Economy

Business travel came back this year more strongly than most industry analysts had predicted in the depths of the pandemic, with domestic travel rebounding by this fall to about two-thirds of the 2019 level.

But in recent weeks, it appears to have hit a new hurdle — companies tightening their spending in a slowing economy… read more

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Hotel Hotelsbeds Hotelbeds predicts 2023 travel trends

The appetite for travel shows no signs of slowing down at Hotelbeds as the company is expecting growth of 30% above 2022 levels* over the next 12 months but new trends are emerging as consumers not only seek new experiences but also ways to make their trips easier and hassle-free.

“As we lead increasingly busy lives, we no longer ha… read more

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Hotels Radisson Hotel Radisson Group has big plans for Africa

Radisson Hotel Group said it plans to reach 150 hotels and 25,000 rooms within the next five years across the African continent.

"The last two years have been a time of accelerated growth for the Radisson Hotel Group; 2023 is already anticipated to remain positive with nine hotel openings during the year," Elie Younes, execut… read more

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AA Travenews New in Namibia - Onguma Safari Camps launches its new Camp Kala

On 1st November 2022, Onguma Camp Kala in northern Namibia welcomed its first guests. The ultra-exclusive safari camp is situated within the Onguma Nature Reserve, a 34,000-hectare wilderness on the eastern border of the iconic Etosha National Park. The new camp comprises just four spacious suites - all elevated off the groun… read more

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Hotels Wilderness-Safaris-Logo Wilderness reveals new brand and website

A new Wilderness is here. From humble beginnings in Botswana almost 40 years ago, the company started with a few rustic tents, a single Land Rover, two dedicated safari guides, and a dream of showcasing Africa’s iconic wild places. Wilderness has since grown into a world-leading conservation and hospitality company, with over 3,000… read more

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AA Travenews Travel is back and so are the bed bugs

"Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite" has never been more relevant than it is now because after covid, people are traveling a lot. Bed bugs are talented at hitching rides. It's a terrible nightmare to get bed bugs while traveling. No matter where you are staying or how many stars that hotel has where you are staying, they ar… read more

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Hotels Accor Accor and Kasada expand portfolio in Senegal

Accor has signed a management agreement with Kasada to operate the Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa managed by Accor, located 80 kms South of Dakar, on the seaside port of Saly, the largest seaside resort in West Africa, between the sea and the sacred forest.

The property features 166 rooms, starting from 28sqm, a 750sqm spa a… read more

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