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ICAO IATA welcomes ICAO manual on testing and border risk management

IATA welcomed (23-Nov-2020) ICAO's publication of the Manual on Testing and Cross Border Risk Management Measures, a document providing governments with a risk based assessment tool for using testing programmes that could alleviate quarantine requirements.

The manual is an output from the ICAO Collaborative Arrangement for the Preve… read more

  • Flights

UK British Airways Comair/BA restart domestic flights in South Africa

Comair has opened bookings for domestic British Airways flights in South Africa.  The airline said it plans to begin serving all the domestic British Airways’ routes it previously operated from 9 December. Comair said that regional services will be reintroduced as it ramps up to full operations over the next few months.

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  • Miscellaneous

Iata Official Ex-British Airways CEO to lead IATA?

The CEO of the main trade group for global airlines will step down next March, and organisation officials are supporting a former British Airways boss to replace him.

The change in leadership comes as airlines confront their worst financial crisis ever because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has devastated air travel.

The … read more

  • Conservation & Wildlife

Tanzania National Park Authority Serengeti declared second most preferred Destination for 2021

PROSPECTS of Tanzania, in particular the Serengeti National Park to get a huge number of tourists is increasingly large as the park grabs headlines as the second preferred destination for 2021.

Being only second to Maldives, Serengeti National Park has been singled out by global agents of an internationally renowned tr… read more

  • Beyond Africa

AA WorldFlight Russia’s business travel sector lost 80% of revenues in 2020

According to the head of the Department of State Tourism Projects and Tourism Safety of Russia‘s Federal Agency for Tourism, the country’s business travel sector’s 2020 revenues plunged 80% compared to the prior year. The official contributed such a dire loss of the revenues to rampaging COVID-19 pandemic.

“Before the end of this year and,… read more

  • Miscellaneous

African Tourism Board Key Personalities published for first Africa Tourism Day

Prominent and key personalities are all set to speak during the forthcoming and first Africa Tourism Day (ATD) event to chart out strategies, plans, initiatives and the way forward targeting to make Africa a single tourist destination.

Planned and organized by Desigo Tourism Development and Facility Management Company Limited… read more

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Rwanda Rwanda expected to be the seventh best Travel Destination for 2021

Rwanda has been ranked the seventh best travel destinations in 2021, according to Forbes' Bucket List Travel.

The travel guide on Thursday, November 19, 2020 released twenty-one best places in the world that are of classic travel for great sights and convenient travel in 2021. According to the web portal, Rwanda was rank… read more

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