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DRC Congo Airways Congo Airways restarts regional flights

Congo Airways has announced the resumption of its regional flights. From December 13, 2020, the national company of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), will relaunch its connection to Johannesburg in South Africa, from Kinshasa.

The line will be operated by A320-200, via Lubumbashi every Sunday.

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AA Travenews Africa prepares for second wave of Covid

Africa prepares for second wave of pandemic

This week, health authorities in both South Africa and Egypt, which combined account for over half of all COVID-19 cases recorded on the African continent, have warned of imminent second-wave outbreaks.

Meanwhile, national governments in Sub-Saharan Africa… read more

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Rail Zambia Railway ZRL Zambia’s Northwest Rail Concludes Cooperation Agreement For Phase 1

The long term vision is to create a new East-West Railway System: phase 1A from Chingola-Solwezi; Phase-1B from Solwezi to Kalumbila and Phase 2 from Kalumbila to the Angola border. The three parties have signed a co-operation agreement to perform a study for Phase 1A. The study is scheduled to be completed in the first quar… read more

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AA WorldFlight 3 of the shortest International flight routes in the World are in Africa

The shortest international flights in the world have been revealed by aviation analytics firm OAG after crunching the numbers from 2019’s flight schedules. Despite crossing country borders, many of these flights are unbelievably short, with six of the 10 shortest coming in at under 60 nautical miles long! Although these figures are based … read more

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DRC Mwant Jet DRC: Mwant Jet received first E145 to start scheduled services

Mwant Jet continues to expand its fleet. On August 8, the young company from the Democratic Republic of Congo, led by pilot and businesswoman GUEDA AMANI Yav, took delivery of a new Embraer E145. The 50-seat aircraft (msn 145601) is owned by the British carrier, Eastern Airways.

With this acquisition, Mwant Jet … read more

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AA Travenews Which African Countries Are Reopening for Tourism?

If you may have been wondering which African countries are reopening for tourism, this is for you! Many African nations are starting to reopen airports, remove curfews, and slowly resume international tourism.

Most countries in Africa have been very strict on containing the spread of the virus, with most of them going into complete lockdow… read more

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DRC Democratic-Republic-of-the-Congo DRC reopens borders on August 15

Domestic and international flights will be able to resume in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from August 15, 2020. It is indeed on this day that the country will reopen its air, sea and land borders, and will allow the resumption of migratory movements between its different provinces. This is what emerges from the speech of Pre… read more

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AA Travenews DRC waiting for visitors

As the global community of tourists await a final end to the COVID- 19 scare which has crippled tourism around the world, many options await tourists who would like to explore beautiful safaris. The beautiful scenes in Democratic Republic of Congo has been tipped as a must- visit.

In a report by, the Democratic Republic of … read more

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AA Travenews Revitalising Railways Through A New Corridor Approach - North-South Corridor

Ensuring the sustainability of freight transport especially by rail should be one of the key objectives of governments of SADC. Integral to this is to maximize the proportion of freight transported by rail as opposed to road. In the last 15 years, rail freight km’s have only grown by 15%, coupled to this and directly impacting this is the… read more

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