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Ghana Ghana: Tourism Ministry Launches U.S.$9 Million Support Project

The government of Ghana has launched a $9million grant scheme to support indigenous small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism and leisuresector.

Dubbed the 'Tourism Enterprise Programme', the scheme is being funded by the World Bank and it is targeted at revitilising the tourism sector for national development. The facility … read more

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Ghana AWA AWA increases domestic flight to Takoradi

Again, Ghana‘s leading carrier, Africa World Airlines (AWA), has increased domestic flight operations from Accra to Takoradi effective July 4th, 2020.

The carrier said the new flights will operate on Saturday mornings and will supplement AWA’s existing flights on Mondays and Thursdays, offering more options for both business and lei… read more

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Ghana Ghana secures funding for tourism development project

The Ghanaian Government has secured funding from the International Development Association (IDA) to implement the Ghana Tourism Development Project (GTDP). The rationale for the project is to provide financial and technical assistance to support the Government of Ghana’s efforts to develop the leisure tourism industry.

The Project, … read more

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AA Travenews Internet cost in Africa far too high

The average cost of 1GB of data on the continent is 7.12 percent of average income, with some countries having rates as high as 20 percent

Taxing internet access / restricting social media access seen as counterproductive and repressiveAfrica’s internet duopolists MTN and Airtel challenged to improve reliability, speed and to substant… read more

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Ghana AWA Ghana: Africa World Airlines increases domestic flights

Ghana’s leading carrier, Africa World Airlines, (AWA), has further increased its domestic flight operations in the country with 4 daily return flights each to Kumasi and Tamale from Accra in addition to twice weekly flights to Takoradi.

The airline in a statement said the additional flights will ensure that peop… read more

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AA Travenews Where Do Millionaires Stay While on Holiday in Africa?

When money isn’t a limit to picking the finest African holiday, where would you stay? Gorgeous views, original art, fine furnishings, discreet service and only the very best in food, design and location. We looked east and west, north and south to find the ultra luxurious places where only the rich can afford to stay. Here’s our take on where mi… read more

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AA Travenews Banks step in to end African medical tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic has refocused attention on the urgent need to address long-term structural healthcare issues in Africa. Investors are now looking to put money to work in healthcare and banks are seeing an uptick in demand for project financing. “When this virus struck, we found out that only 28% – less than one third – of health facilities… read more

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