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Lonely Planet selects South Africa & Zambia as top travel destinations for 2023 Lonely Planet selects South Africa & Zambia as top travel destinations for 2023

Global travel and tourism book publisher Lonely Planet has unveiled its top destinations to visit next year with the release of Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2023. The new edition of the annual ranking is in a slightly different format than it has been in the past years. Rather than a simple list, this year's list centers expert local perspectives at the heart of each destination, and is sorted by the type of trip best had there: eat, journey, connect, learn and unwind.

According to Lonely Planet, South Africa and Zambia are among the countries travellers should not miss in 2023. South Africa is featured in the eat category, while Zambia is on Lonely Planet's journey list. Congratulations!

South Africa
Complementing its internationally known (and loved) vineyards, South Africa's new generation of chefs is propelling the country’s culinary scene forward making it a destination to visit not just for wine, but food as well. src.
With memorable activities like swimming on the ledge of a mighty waterfall to a walking safaris, it’s surprising Zambia is less visited than other spots on the continent of Africa. We recommend making it top of mind if you are considering a journey that involves spotting wildlife. src.
Each year, Lonely Planet's Best in Travel lists start with nominations from Lonely Planet's vast community of staff, writers, bloggers, publishing partners and more. The nominations are then whittled down by its panel of travel experts to just 30 destinations. Each is chosen for its topicality, unique experiences, 'wow' factor and its ongoing commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.

Source: TravelComments.com Official Blog