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ET increasing Accra schedule as part of a wide African Expansiona ET increasing Accra schedule as part of a wide African Expansiona

Ethiopian Airlines  is in expansion mode. Not just in terms of long-haul routes to Copenhagen, returning after two decades, or Addis Ababa to Atlanta. Crucially, it has boosted flights on various sub-Saharan African routes. This is primarily part of its third-wave growth, increasing connectivity, choice, and competitiveness. The Star Alliance airline has also enhanced service on routes that leave Addis Ababa at peak times, with higher frequencies and de-linked options. Here's a summary of its recent changes.

Accra grows to 11 weekly this summer

For about the past decade, Ethiopian Airlines has served Accra  daily. Some 2,682 miles (4,317km) from Addis Ababa, it leaves Ethiopia at 08:40, enabling it to be fed by vast amounts of flights  from across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of southern and eastern Africa. It arrives home at 21:00 to feed flights to those places. This summer, Addis Ababa-Accra grows to 11 weekly. According to OAG data, this is the first time since 2009 that frequency has exceeded daily. However, unlike then, when some flights were routed via Lomé, all 11 weekly services are non-stop in both directions.

Accra's new flight schedule

From the end of March, its new schedule is as follows, with all times local. Notice how it is 'split,' enabling greater connectivity by focusing on particular flight waves. For example, Ethiopian's 07:30 arrival into Addis allows passengers to continue to Dubai, Guangzhou, Tel Aviv, and 20+ cities in Africa. Its 14:15 arrival means Delhi, Istanbul, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, and more are linked, along with seven in Africa.

  • Addis Ababa to  Accra: ET927, 01:40-04:40 (6h block time); 737 MAX 8 ← new; Mondays, Thursdays
  • Addis Ababa to Accra: ET921, 08:40-11:20 (5h 40m); A350-900; daily
  • Addis Ababa to Accra: ET929, 17:00-20:00 (6h); 737 MAX 8 ← new; Tuesdays, Fridays
  • Accrato Addis Ababa: ET926, 05:20-14:15 (5h 55m); 737 MAX 8 ← new; Mondays, Thursdays
  • Accra  to Addis Ababa: ET920, 12:20-21:00 (5h 40m); A350-900; daily
  • Accrato Addis Ababa: ET928, 22:35-07:30 (+1) (5h 55m); 737 MAX 8 ← new; Tuesdays, Fridays
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