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Swan Hellenic reveals 2023 cultural expedition cruises for Africa Swan Hellenic reveals 2023 cultural expedition cruises for Africa

Swan Hellenic has announced its cultural expedition cruises of Africa for 2023 aboard SH Vega and SH Diana, which will sail nine different cultural expedition cruises between March and November 2023.

The two luxury expedition ships will cruise from a range of African ports, including Cape Town in South Africa, the continents primary departure port for international voyages.

The cruises range from 8 to 14 days and feature talks and lectures from experts and seasoned expedition guides.

SH Vega will be following the West Coast of Africa northwards, offering four cultural expedition cruises from Cape Town, Luanda, Accra and Dakar.

The Cape Town to Luanda cruise is a 10 day “Safaris of the Southwest Coast” itinerary, the Luanda to Accra cruise is a 14 day “Unspoilt Wilds of Southwest Africa” itinerary, the 14 day Accra to Dakar voyage is a “Cultural Crucibles of West Africa” cruise and the 9 day Dakar to Santa Cruz de Tenerife itinerary is a “Volcanic Cultures of Africa’s Atlantic Islands” cruise.

Standout attractions on these voyages include Loango National Park in Gabon, with lowland gorillas and its surfing hippos, and the chimpanzees of the Conkouati-Douli National Park in the Republic of the Congo.

SH Diana, the largest ship in Swan Hellenic’s five-star fleet, meanwhile will be sailing in North and East Africa, with departure ports that include Mombasa, Maputo and Cape Town. The two cultural expedition cruises are “Madagascar and its Eastern Islands” (Mombasa to Maputo 11 over days) and “Extraordinary Southern Africa” (Maputo to Cape Town over eight days).

Additional cultural expedition cruises featuring African ports of call are “Mysteries of Carthage and the Moors” (Lisbon to Palermo over 11 days), “Revelations of Suez, Sinai and the Red Sea” (Limassol to Jeddah over 13 days), and “Paradise Islands of the Indian Ocean” (Port Victoria to Mombasa over 12 days).

SH Diana is outfitted with tender boats as well as expedition zodiacs, giving it access to smaller ports and coves, and allowing passengers to explore the dramatic coastlines of North, East and West Africa.

Highlights on these African itineraries include the holy city of Medina, the famous pink sandstone Nabataean city of Petra, and lush Pemba Island with its fruit-eating flying fox megabats and snorkeling.

Source: Cruise Arabia & Africa