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The Seychelles Islands: Once-in-a-lifetime refuge from a frantic world The Seychelles Islands: Once-in-a-lifetime refuge from a frantic world

In our frantic, modern world relaxation techniques invite us to close our eyes and dream of a place where tired spirits can be refreshed. But why dream when Seychelles transcends imagination? Creation has blessed Seychelles with perpetual summer, space to breathe the purest air and room to unwind on the powder-soft sand of endless beaches.

Seychelles comprises 115 pristine, tropical islands between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and 1600 km from the east coast of Africa. With a near-perfect climate, this beautiful archipelago is practically disease-free and situated well outside the cyclone belt, earning it the name ‘land of perpetual summer’.

This archipelago, containing the only mid-ocean, granitic islands on the planet and certainly known to the early Arab sea-farers, was a favourite pirate haunt before being colonized by the French in 1769 and the British in 1814. Seychelles became an independent republic within the Commonwealth in 1976.

The islands are predominantly Roman Catholic with an ethnic mix every bit as diverse as the makeup of its islands. In an ecologically compromised world Seychelles offers sanctuaries for numerous endemic species of flora and fauna that are amongst the rarest on earth. The islands are also home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Vallée de Mai, upon whose ancient palms grows the wondrous Coco-de-mer and fabled Aldabra, largest raised atoll in the world.

Throughout the islands are to be found unparalleled opportunities for sailing on bare-boat or skippered yacht, deep-sea and fly-fishing as well as a broad diversity of dive experiences. Seychelles also boasts excellent eco-holidays, walks & trails, spa & wellness vacations, island-hopping and golf.

From Mahé, principal island of the Seychelles, the nation’s islands extend 100 km north and 1000km to the south-west. Between 15 minutes and I hrs flight time from Mahé, several of our select island getaways offer accommodation in well-appointed lodges and resorts ranging from sumptuous five-star luxury to elegant-beachside bungalows.

Our islands enjoy a rich variety of affordable hotels and guesthouses with the charms and rhythms of an authentic, island lifestyle.

Source: Voyages Afriq