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Namibia’s impact soars at 2024 WTM Africa Namibia’s impact soars at 2024 WTM Africa

Namibia left a profound mark at 2024 World Travel Market Africa, shining a spotlight on the expansive tourism potential of the Southern Africa nation. The event experienced a remarkable surge in attendance, with a notable 53% increase compared to the previous year, signaling a bright future for the African tourism industry.

During an exclusive interview, Bonnie Mbidzo, the Acting CEO of the Namibia Tourism Board, provided valuable insights into the significance of WTM Africa and the palpable enthusiasm it generated.

“WTM is a flagship event for Southern Africa, and the Namibian Tourism Board actively participated in it.” said Mbidzo. “It was a crucial opportunity to engage with decision-makers who may visit Namibia. Plus, since Cape Town experiences its off-season during this time, it was important to connect with potential visitors and showcase Namibia’s offerings.”

Mbidzo’s observations during the event reflected optimism about Namibia’s readiness to welcome visitors and engage with industry stakeholders.

“Our first day, yes, was brilliant because I could see our core exhibitors were quite busy, and our Head of Marketing was also busy. All the appointments were hectic, and all the discussions in the conference rooms and theater. I think we were on the same trajectory, and we could see the business was booming. Tourism was speaking, and Namibia was ready for whoever would be ready to come to Namibia,” he reiterated.

Namibia’s rich tapestry of tourism offerings enraptured attendees at WTM Africa. From tour operators to accommodation providers, Namibia’s exhibitors dazzled with a diverse array of products, underscoring the country’s allure as a premier travel destination.

As the event drew to a close, NTB announced the winners of its stand competition. Rochelle Louw’s grand prize victory, alongside the recognition of Jonathan Woolfson and Adri Kruger, further cemented Namibia’s triumph at WTM Africa.

As these winners prepare to embark on their journey to experience Namibia’s beauty and adventure firsthand, the NTB extends its heartfelt congratulations and eagerly anticipates their visit.

Source: Voyages Afriq