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Report: Namibia Tourism Board lead the charge for inclusive tourism Report: Namibia Tourism Board lead the charge for inclusive tourism

The vibrancy of Africa’s Travel Indaba this year resonates with the spirit of progress and inclusivity, notably reflected in Namibia’s robust participation. With a notable surge in exhibitors, the event stands as a testament to Namibia Tourism Board’s (NTB) unwavering dedication to advancing the nation’s tourism landscape.

Marking a significant milestone, as the curtains rise on this year’s Indaba, the spotlight shines brightly on Namibia, where a remarkable surge in exhibitors sets the stage for an unforgettable showcase of global tourism excellence.

“Indaba is so different this year because number one is the number of the exhibitors overall, not only for Namibia, but for all other destinations who are here. For Namibia Tourism Board, it’s a milestone because we have got about 27 co-exhibitors,” noted Bonnie Mbidzo, Acting CEO, Namibia Tourism Board noted in an interview with VoyagesAfriq.

The Namibia Tourism Board has also taken strides towards inclusivity in tourism at this year’s Indaba. This initiative underscores Namibia’s dedication to inclusivity, striving to create a tourism destination that embraces diversity and equality for all.

The Acting CEO said, “four of those co-exhibitors are the previously disadvantaged persons who are fully sponsored by Namibia Tourism Board because we want these previously disadvantaged Namibians to come full on board and make sure that Namibia becomes an inclusive tourism destination for everyone.”

Highlighting upcoming initiatives, Mbidzo revealed Namibia’s preparation to host AviaDev in June. With key decision-makers in attendance, the event seeks to mold Namibia’s aviation sector and showcase its offerings.

He said, “The purpose of AviaDev is to make sure that we maintain and promote intra-travel in Africa. And it is going to bring about 37 airlines to the destination, and these airlines have confirmed their participation. These are decision-makers who are going to have a say into exactly what it that Namibia is going to offer.”

In addition, Namibia’s tourism prospects are set to soar with a series of upcoming events on the horizon.

“Namibia’s tourism landscape diversifies with upcoming events, including a hospitality conference alongside AviaDev. This platform will spotlight the contributions of hoteliers and emphasize Namibia’s competitive advantages. Additionally, the rise of youth tourism in May complements Namibia’s forward-looking strategies for the future.”

Alongside its prominent presence at INDABA, the Namibian delegation actively pursued bilateral meetings with key stakeholders, such as the Zambia and Botswana tourism organizations. These engagements underscore Namibia’s dedication to nurturing collaborative partnerships and furthering tourism interests throughout the region.

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Source: Voyages Afriq