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Minister Rwodzi urges journalists to promote tourism Minister Rwodzi urges journalists to promote tourism

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Barbara Rwodzi has called upon journalists to work with her ministry in promoting Zimbabwe as a tourism destination of choice.

Journalists from various local and international media houses are attending the meeting. Minister Rwodzi said she recognises the critical role the media plays in shaping perceptions, disseminating information, driving positive change and highlighting natural wonders and cultural heritage, which are instrumental in attracting visitors and investors.

"Your role extends beyond reporting," Minister Rwodzi said. "The perception of the country comes from your reporting, from your writing, from what you say on the TV or radio. You influence perceptions, you also give inspiration and confidence. For us to be confident, it is through the media. You disseminate information about our destinations in a way that tells everyone across the world that Zimbabwe is a safe destination," she said.

Source: allAfrica.com