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Kenya Airways carries cargo “to stay afloat” Kenya Airways carries cargo “to stay afloat”

Most of the airlines have either ceased operations or just operate a very limited emergency schedule.

But Kenya Airways has traneformed into a cargo airline in order to simply stay alive. The Nairobi-based airline has cancelled all international services and is now making a living by freighting produce and equipment to a number of countries. The carrier’s CEO Allan Kilavuka told kenyawallstreet.com there is a demand for cargo aircraft across the world, with the main freighters operating mostly in Europe and America. It therefore means there is a shortage of cargo capacity in Africa.

“We are exploring different options to keep the lights on in the organisation. Cargo is one of those areas where we have converted four of our wide-body [passenger] aircraft to cargo aircraft. We are also looking at narrow-body aircraft for shorter missions across Africa.”