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Amadeus: Business Intelligence Solutions provide insight for recovery Amadeus: Business Intelligence Solutions provide insight for recovery

With COVID-19 significantly impacting travel trends and buyer behaviors, relying on historical data is no longer enough to plan for the future. Having access to forward-looking data has never been more important for the hotel industry than it is today, as hoteliers need a real-time, comprehensive view of market performance to successfully understand shifting traveler behaviors and implement an effective recovery strategy.

Understanding this need, Amadeus has delivered complimentary enhancements to its industry-leading Demand360® and Agency360® business intelligence solutions to aid industry recovery.

The enhancements to Demand360® include three main areas: a new Recovery Insight dashboard providing forward-looking market data, daily occupancy pickup (DOP) booking activity, and segmentation by transient traveler booking channel, which is more relevant than ever as this segment is leading booking activity today.

The Agency360® solution has been enhanced with additional visibility to show which corporations are using travel agencies to book accommodations in their market. Finally, to equip hoteliers with comprehensive market insight, Demand360® and Rate360® users can add alternative accommodation data to their subscription to understand the impact of this offering in their market.

"We are operating in truly uncharted territory. With varying travel guidelines in place across the globe, hoteliers must reconsider their traditional approach to making strategic decisions for their business," says Ahmed Youssef, Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus. "With our Recovery Insight tool, hoteliers gain the most comprehensive insight available to enhance their strategic decision making. Historical data alone is irrelevant in this new world as guest behavior is different from any prior crises. It is only with detailed, forward-looking booking activity that hoteliers can identify what is happening in their market and build effective strategies to capture available business."

These innovations are immediately available as part of Amadeus' business intelligence suite.

Source: hospitalitynet.org