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Emirates launches NDC access  for agencies Emirates launches NDC access for agencies

Emirates has launched a new agent gateway for booking and ticketing using IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards. The airline says it will give its partners the ability “to enhance travellers’ journeys with customised products and services”.

Emirates Gateway offers agencies three different methods of accessing the airline’s NDC content:

  1. Emirates Booking Portal, a web booking portal, available in 12 languages, connected directly to Emirates’ reservation systems;
  2. Emirates Gateway Direct, providing access to Emirates content through IATA NDC APIs, allowing trade partners to build applications themselves with support from Emirates’ IT teams;
  3. Emirates Gateway Sync, a facilitated link into the Emirates reservation system provided by industry leading, IATA-registered, Emirates-certified technology partners.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ chief commercial officer, said: “The Emirates Gateway suite of connection options has been built on new technology and is designed to address the limitations of current legacy distribution systems.

“Our aim was to create a platform that empowers us to rapidly develop and deploy new products and services, thereby giving us and our trade partners the ability to offer even more value-added and differentiated services. It also prepares the way for Emirates to offer custom content and dynamic pricing that better responds to our changing marketplace.”

Source: independent.ng