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How technology has changed the way we travel How technology has changed the way we travel

For most who travel, gone are the days of physically printed tickets and showing up to the gate a few hours before the trip is supposed to begin – technology as a whole has helped to streamline the process and provide a new and user-friendly approach to the travel industry, but the opportunities that technology has afforded are far greater than that as technology has fundamentally been able to provide a very different experience, but where have the biggest differences been found?

Stay connected to global changes -  When planning a trip, it’s always important to understand the particulars whether this be what local entertainment options are on offer, local travel tips, or anything else that may be specific to the travel destination. Big changes have always hit the news, but more specific regional changes may not, particularly with this like local legislation changes around different entertainment options as has been seen most recently with the growth of PA bets as local sporting entertainment continues to grow and welcome punters from near and far,  and technology has helped to inform those planning a trip that this is something easy and accessible for them.

Last minute planning has become much easier too -  Whilst staying connected to global changes has all of its upsides, it may also alert potential travellers of the need to quickly change travel plans to adjust to something that may have happened and that has been seen particularly true over these past eighteen months with the global health crisis – the ability to make last minute changes with the tap of a few buttons on a smartphone. This provides a much greater travel experience and provides something that may not have been either at all possible, or easier in the past either.

An inside look for exciting destinations - Travel agents and catalogues are slowly being phased out too, an idyllic look through a travel catalogue may have been a big draw to travellers in the past but technology has taken this further, the ability to get opinions from locals and see travel bloggers and vloggers actually in the location in real time with concurrent features shows a better look, and has been a technology push that has made locations that may have been more unwelcoming to tourism start to open new doors and provide more exciting travel opportunities.

These are just a few of the ways that technology has changed travel and continues to do so in the future, particularly as travel apps and other opportunities for unique experiences with travel can be found much easier than ever before. Travel opportunities may look to go even further in the near future too, even further than simply travelling to another country.

Source: TravelDailyNews