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Spotlightworkshops: Seychelles Virtual TravelExpo 12th/13th of October Spotlightworkshops: Seychelles Virtual TravelExpo 12th/13th of October

At the Seychelles Virtual TravelExpo Travel Agents & Tour Operators can network with 15 partners from various Seychelles Service Providers; Hotels & Resorts, Air Seychelles, DMC’s and other Trade Partners involved in selling the Seychelles.
Current Exhibitors List
  1. Tourism Seychelles
  2. 7° South
  3. Air Seychelles
  4. Berjaya Resort Seychelles
  5. Constance Hotels & Resort
  6. Creole Travel Services
  7. Eden Bleu Hotel
  8. Four Season’s Resort Seychelles
  9. Hilton Seychelles
  10. Mango House
  11. Mason’s Travel Services
  12. Rove Africa
  13. Silver Pearl Tours & Travel
  14. South Point Villas Cerf Island
  15. Summer Rain Tours

Who is invited to attend?

  • Africa-based Inbound & Regional Tour Operators, Managers & Consultants of Travel Agencies & ITC’s
  • Africa-based IATA Travel Agents who sell Business Travel to Seychelles
  • Africa-based Incentive DMC’s and Conference Organisers who promote Seychelles
  • Honeymoon & wedding events organisers
  • During the Virtual Travel Expo buyers can book pre-scheduled meetings with Exhibitors and attend interesting Seychelles Presentations.
  • Buyers can select their most convenient times to attend the TravelExpo (for example just Day 1 or Day 2 -or the mornings only).The meetings are 15 minutes long so to meet all Exhibitors will take about 4 hours.

How to apply to attend the Tourism Seychelles Virtual TravelExpo

  • Complete and submit the Application Form on the website: https://spotlightworkshops.co.za/seychelles-buyer-application/
  • Tourism Seychelles will evaluate your application and advise if your attendance has been approved
  • Once approved Houston Travel Marketing will provide you with a link to complete your profile with additional information / your photograph.
  • To ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo, please ensure that your profile is 100% complete and accurate

  Pre-scheduled Meetings

The Pre-scheduled Meetings Process will open on 05 October for all approved Buyers who have completed their online profiles. Buyers can request appointments with Exhibitors but cannot request meetings with other buyers. Exhibitors will be able to request meetings with Buyers and other exhibitors

Once the meeting request is confirmed it is added to your Meetings Diary.