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Zambian travellers stranded Zambian travellers stranded

The Travel Agency Association of Zambia (TAAZ) says its members are finding it difficult to redirect Zambian travellers stranded outside the country on various airlines because they are fully booked.

On Sunday, Qatar and Emirates airlines suspended passenger flights to southern Africa following the outbreak of a new coronavirus variant called Omicron in South Africa. The two airlines have temporarily put on hold passenger flights to and from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique. Passengers destined for Zambia are stranded in the United Kingdom and Dubai.

TAAZ president Osama Bux said in an interview yesterday that it has been difficult to book passengers on other airlines because most of them are fully booked. “This is the festive season and people tend to travel a lot, so many airlines are fully booked. We are unable to find seats to redirect them

Source: Daily mail