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In 2022, Benin govt will release a grant for the modernisation of Cotonou airport In 2022, Benin govt will release a grant for the modernisation of Cotonou airport

The Benin Airports Company (SAB S.A.) will receive a push from the State, for the financing of the renovation and modernization programme of the Cotonou Cardinal Bernadin Gantin International Airport. Indeed, the Council of Ministers instructed the Minister of Economy and Finance, on Wednesday 15 December 2021, to grant the manager of the country's main airport platform a subsidy for the partial financing of the work. The value of this subsidy remains a secret for the moment.

However, it should be remembered that on 16 June this year, the same council of ministers had already validated the work of the second phase of the infrastructure renovation programme. This updated programme includes, among other things: the development of a master plan for the airport, the renovation of baggage handling systems at departure and arrival, the development of a temporary arrival circuit, the installation of video surveillance.

But also the renovation of the runway and taxiways, the rehabilitation of the aprons, the upgrading of the road access posts with inspection and screening, the renovation of the fuel storage systems and bollards, the extension and refurbishment of the ministerial and presidential pavilions, the upgrading of the fire reserve system, the refurbishment and modernisation of the cargo area, the refurbishment and modernisation of the southern area, and the construction of various buildings.

The first projects, delivered last year, already included the extension and refurbishment of the departure and arrival halls, the refurbishment of the runway and the refurbishment of the platform's car parks. This is the consequence of the investments made by SAB S.A. over the last few years for the various studies and designs, the upgrading of the installation and the various training courses for its staff. These investments earned it certification as an aerodrome in accordance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on 20 May last. In the long term, this vast modernisation project, which is part of the government's action programme (PAG), aims to triple the capacity of the platform, which currently handles 500,000 passengers per year.

Source: newsaero