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Goge Africa and Walk For Love Africa launch 'Destination West Africa' project Goge Africa and Walk For Love Africa launch 'Destination West Africa' project

West African countries have several tourist destinations, which are not sufficiently promoted. Goge Africa television, which specialises in promoting African tourist destinations and culture, and its partner "Walk For Love Africa" have identified these shortcomings and want to remedy them.

To promote tourism, culture and economic activities in West Africa, to encourage the Nigerian travelling population to visit the countries of the sub-region, to draw the attention of world travellers to this area of the continent, to share the beauty of its common heritage, cultural similarities and the diversity of the global community, to position the partner countries as must-see destinations in Africa, and to increase the commercial activities of the partners and brands involved in the project.

These are the objectives of the "Destination West Africa" project launched by Goge Africa, Walk For Love Africa and their partners on Tuesday 31 May 2022. "This project aims to encourage Africans to travel to Africa, but the campaign starts with West Africa," says the television company specialising in the promotion of tourist destinations and African culture. The first stage concerns Benin, Togo, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, and even Nigeria. The second stage targets Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea Conakry.

"As travel and tourism rebounds, the organisers advocate lowering the barriers and cost of intra-African travel, especially in West Africa, to allow tourists to explore the gems it has to offer, rather than making Dubai, America or Europe their first choice; and what comes to a tourist's mind is affordability and accessibility, not to mention the visa-free opportunity that ECOWAS offers to West African travellers," Goge Africa pleads.

Source: newsaero