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  • Flights

Nigeria Air Peace NAHCO strike: Air Peace loses over N500m as unions suspend strike

Domestic airlines are counting their losses due to the industrial action embarked upon by staff of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company, NAHCO today.

Some foreign and domestic airlines managed by NAHCO lost huge revenue today due the strike by workers over failure by the management to accede to their request for review of salaries.

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  • Destinations

Tanzania Tanzania puts Tourism, Farming and Forestry in Spot Light

Today we witness particularly hard times for the entire world because no country -- poor and rich -- has been spared of inflation. The argument by experts is that effects of COVD-19 -- let alone other adverse economic conditions that prevailed before the pandemic broke out -- have spared no country and that these effects have smash the US econom… read more

  • Miscellaneous

Fitur 23 African countries attended FITUR 2023

A total of twenty-three (23) countries from Africa participated in this year’s FITUR in Madrid, Spain.

Participation from these countries will include state tourism ministries, boards, private sector businesses, organisations and individual travel and tourism stakeholders.

Fitur is a global benchmark event in the tourism sect… read more

  • Rail
  • Beyond Africa

AA Travenews Ukrainian Railways relaunches Ukraine-Romania railway connection

The twice-daily connection between Ukraine and Romania has reopened. Back in August 2022, amid the Russian aggression and invasion in Ukraine, railway workers rebuild twenty kilometers of new track, which was closed for seventeen years. Ukraine waited another four months for Romania to complete their part.

The new network was build between… read more

  • Miscellaneous

Ghana Tour Operators UnionTour Operators Union Of Ghana TOUGHA Tour operators from Ghana exhibit at Vakantiebeurs 2023

Ghanaian tour operators have participated in this year’s Vakantiebeurs in Utretcht, Netherlands. Vakantiebeurs made a return after a two-year absence due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The January 12 -15th show attracted thousands of participants from across the world in various sectors of the tourism and travel industry; in… read more

  • Cruise

Cruise Cruise Queen Victoria to cruise Cape Town to UK and Germany in 2024

Queen Victoria is set to be the second Cunard Line vessel to sail from South Africa during 2024, with a Cape Town to Hamburg voyage on April 12th. Queen Victoria will join her fleet mate Queen Mary 2 in cruising from South Africa, although Queen Mary 2 will depart Cape Town in February, bound for Australia and Hong Kong.

The … read more

  • Beyond Africa

AA Travenews Online travel agencies: a key player in reviving European tourism post-COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit, and global lockdowns brought the world to a halt in early 2020, the travel and tourism industry found itself among the worst affected. Yet, despite severe restrictions, online travel agencies (OTAs) continued to bring international guests to European hotels, supporting jobs and boosting GDP. So, what’s the state of pla… read more

  • Destinations

South-Africa South African E-Visa Service lags behind other African countries

The Africa Visa Openness Index, a joint initiative of the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission, has tracked visa regimens in Africa since 2016. SA is ranked 33rd out of 54 African countries, which is no surprise as its online system is far from user-friendly.

Ten months after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced … read more

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