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SA is back in Business for Global Tourism SA is back in Business for Global Tourism

There is a chance you might be interested in some good news. In SA, 'good news' can be roughly defined as anything that does not have to do with Eskom, politics, hubbly-bubblies or red oryx. The real good news is that tourism is back.

South Africa is such an odd place. It always surprises in ways that you don't expect. But one thing I have always loved is the feel of the country. You can be on your 25th load shedding of the day, and you look out on one of the hundreds of glorious vistas that bedeck our country, and somehow everything feels better again. At least, until you try to turn on a light.

Nobody needs to be told this, but South Africa is blessed with a huge variety of very different geographies, all of which have their own beautiful characteristics. I live in the Karoo, which many of my friends describe as the boring bit where you play word games when driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

As a resident, I look out on a Karoo sunset and a sense of deep, visceral contentment fills my deepest soul. I also know there is not just a single...

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