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Chad invites Ethiopian Airlines to stop using Chad invites Ethiopian Airlines to stop using "old planes" on the Ndjamena route

The Chadian authorities are now demanding better treatment and more security for their compatriots on Ethiopian Airlines flights on its route between Ndjamena and Addis Ababa. This is the quintessence of the message of firmness transmitted to the country representative of the company, at the end of the meeting with the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (ADAC), Brahim Dadi, on Friday 28 October 2022.

The Chadian civil aviation boss's statement follows the incident that occurred on flight ET939 on Friday morning. Nearly an hour after take-off from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-700 (MSN 30710, ETARD, 15) aborted its flight and returned to its base, after "the Captain noticed a fuel system fault signal", explains a statement from ADAC.

This incident seems to give reason to the complaints of Chadian passengers who believe that the aircraft used to serve N'Djamena are "old and uncomfortable" unlike those they use to travel to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Europe.

On this point of view "which is right", according to Brahim Dadi, he invited the management of Ethiopian Airlines "to have on the Addis - N'Djamena section planes ensuring safety and good comfort for passengers".  The Ethiopian flag carrier - a former shareholder of Chadia Airlines which was dissolved this year - serves the Chadian capital every day of the week, except Mondays.

On the local level, he also assured that his institution via the Directorate of Standards and Flights "will increase security inspections on foreign aircraft, and this every day, not only on Ethiopian Airlines planes but on the planes of all foreign companies that serve the Hassan Djamous International Airport in Ndjamena.

On this occasion, Brahim Dadi also drew the company's attention to the "discourteous treatment of Chadian passengers" by Ethiopian Airlines staff. In order to curb such behaviour in general, he encouraged "passengers to inform and challenge ADAC on any discrepancy observed during their flights that could violate their rights".

Source: newsaero