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Lagos commences test run Of the Blue Line Train Lagos commences test run Of the Blue Line Train

The Lagos State Government has begun testing the Blue Line Train, which runs from Marina Station to Mile 2 Train Station. The Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LMRT) is an ambitious urban rail project designed to revolutionize transportation in the state, and it is an offshoot of the Lagos Strategic Transport Master Plan, which seeks to revitalise communities.

The Managing Director of the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo, has revealed that six train sets, each consisting of four cars, will be deployed on the Blue Rail Line, with additional cars to be added for optimal service. “We recognize that Lagos is a cosmopolitan city with a population of over 20 million people,” she added. “Our agency’s vision and mission are to continually seek innovative ways to provide a sustainable and effective integrated transport system to the state’s citizens.”

The Blue Line Rail System is expected to transport around 5,000 passengers daily. The first phase has been completed, with five stations constructed and furnished for passenger operations at Mile 2. The Marina Train Station is a major interchange point where the rail will integrate with other modes of transportation, such as water and road.

The test run of the first phase began on Monday, 13 February 2023, and will continue for the next two months. During this period, stakeholders and various segments of society will be invited to participate in the experience.

Source: Railways Africa