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Airlines face regulatory actions as NCAA tightens rules on departure time accuracy Airlines face regulatory actions as NCAA tightens rules on departure time accuracy

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is cracking down on airlines advertising misleading departure times. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the NCAA declared a zero-tolerance approach to such practices and warned airlines of “serious regulatory actions” for non-compliance.

“It has come to our attention that some airlines are being reported for deceptive departure time advertisements,” said NCAA Ag. Director General, Capt. Chris Najomo through his Director, Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Mr. Michael Achimugu. “Our regulations strictly prohibit the display of false departure times at counters, in advertising materials, or on websites.”

The NCAA emphasized its commitment to passenger rights, saying, airlines are now required to process ticket refunds within 14 working days, regardless of the purchase method and it expects airlines to prioritize customer service and fair treatment of passengers.

“While the NCAA recognizes the critical role airlines play in the economy and their need for profitability,” Mr. Achimugu stated, “passenger well-being remains paramount.” Capt. Chris Najomo, highlighted the NCAA’s efforts to improve the ease of doing business for air operators.

This includes streamlining licensing procedures, resulting in a faster and less bureaucratic process for obtaining Air Operator Certificates (AOCs). “The NCAA believes in reciprocity,” Captain Najomo explained. “If we simplify the business environment for operators, they must reciprocate by providing superior services to passengers.”

The Authority he says, is demonstrably committed to continuous improvement, evidenced by its recent high score on the Presidential Enabling Business Council (PEBEC) ranking. The NCAA achieved an impressive 98.5%, exceeding its sister agency’s score of 96%. This builds upon the positive outcome of the 2024 ICAO Security Audit, where the NCAA received a commendable score of 71.04.

“We are committed to ongoing improvements to ensure a safer, more secure industry for passengers and stakeholders”.

The NCAA also addressed the recent suspension of ten PNCF (Private Non-Commercial Flight) licenses, adding that these operators, advised to begin the recertification process in April 2024, failed to comply.

Source: NewsBulletinNG