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NCAA grants unions venue approval for Lagos, Abuja as members kick over unopposed chairman NCAA grants unions venue approval for Lagos, Abuja as members kick over unopposed chairman

AFTER yesterday’s stalemate over the conduct of the Air Transport Senior Staff Association of Nigeria( ATSSSAN) Branch election at the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA) the event has been shifted to this morning after securing the venue.

This is however as there are still agitations over the disqualification of one Comrade Danjuma which still presents fear of disorderliness as delegates in support of him are apprehensive that the election was rigged to ensure the only other contesting candidates for chairman and vice are unopposed.

Secretary 2022 Elections Committee, Mololuwa Ajibade in an ATSSSAN NCAA Branch
2022 Election update confirmed to the delegate that the issue of venue for the elections has been resolved and management has granted approval for the conduct of the elections in NCAA facilities.

He announced the elections will hold 19th May, 2022 stressing, “… since it is already too late to conduct the elections today, the Elections Committee has adjusted the Elections Time Table and shifted the elections as follows: Date: Thursday, 19th May 2022Time: 10am to 12noon (accreditation starts from 9:30am), Venue: Lagos Regional Office Annex Training Hall and Abuja Corporate HQ.

“We encourage every member in Abuja and Lagos to come out and vote for their preferred candidates without fear or apprehension of violence.”

However, with the disqualification of chairmanship and vice chairmanship candidates in the election, an uneasy calm hovers around. READ ALSO: Violence may mar ATSSSAN delegates conference over Danjuma’s disqualification

Danjuma was disqualified based on ATSSSAN Rule 10 (v) & (viii) which states that The rule 10 states that no inactive member shall contest for the position of chairman or vice.

Already, the disqualified chairmanship aspirant has gone to the Industrial court to contest his disqualification.

According to him this was done for the court to interpret of the provisions of the ATSSSAN constitution on his disqualification.

They stated that Danjuma has not failed to pay his dues to the union for the last 10 years and has participated in all union activities wondering how Rule 10 has changed from not being active to not being a member of the executives.

However the supporters of the candidate feel it is no longer and election but a selection when the candidates are all disqualified to make room for few.

Source: Nigerian Flight Deck